Sonder | Even giants want to grow
Two owned media giants are not resting on their laurels. They recently engaged the world’s leading owned media specialists to keep ahead of the pack.
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Even giants want to grow

Even giants want to grow

A bit of Sonder chest-beating this week. Two organisations which can each justifiably claim to be veterans of owned media leverage and have some of largest owned media channels in the country, have recently started working with us to leverage their assets even further. Thereby providing an opportunity to celebrate what they have achieved already as we work towards an even brighter future.

For decades Telstra has led the way in owned media leverage with programmes such as Telstra THANKS which redefined how to reward a customer base, Telstra AIR which breathed life into established infrastructure and the biggest owned media deal of the year with their phone box out-of-home network. All of these examples created new customer value and opportunities for commercial partners. They are masters at finding that WIN:WIN solution for customers and partners and, to do so via channels they already own, makes these initiatives highly cost-efficient too.

Since Coles and Coles Liquor Group first opened their doors they have been helping their merchandise partners sell more products. As the conduit to the public’s everyday shopping needs, they have highly sophisticated owned media solutions which allow brands on their shelves to exceed sales objectives week-in, week-out. For household brands they remain the main conversion channel for that crucial ‘last few feet’ before purchase (physically or online). Driving sales growth paid media channels can only dream about.

Like many phenomenally successful businesses, these two giants of owned media leverage are not resting on their laurels. They are working with the world’s leading owned media specialists to keep ahead of the pack.