Sonder | I'm Busy
Saying "I'm busy" as a way to describe your state of being is largely meaningless. "I'm busy" needs to be replaced with "I'm focused" as the autopilot response to the eternal question "how are you?".
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I’m Busy

I’m Busy

Being “busy” is often a default response when asked “how are you?”. It’s an easy and expected response, but a mindless one that’s become largely meaningless.

Sadly, busy is considered a status symbol according to a group of US academics. You can see the Harvard Business School article about their research here. Because being “in demand” by others is a clear signal of importance and status, therefore being busy has social status. More so than luxury goods which are too easily accessible now.

However, busy keeps us from dealing with the important, difficult stuff.

Busy is a form of procrastination.

Michael Gerber, author of the E-Myth and more recently E-Myth Revisited, a book that shines a light on creating successful businesses, says it brilliantly when referencing entrepreneurs:

“Busy, busy, busy. Doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it.” (said with a thick New York accent)

He says it with disdain. He says it with sarcasm. He says it to make a point; that the best people don’t let themselves get distracted by being busy, they focus on what’s needed to create sustainable growth businesses.

And, ironically, being busy doesn’t stop over the Christmas ‘break’ for many of us. We just swap being work-busy for social-busy. Rushing and gushing. Eating and running. Shopping for gifts. Shopping for bargains.

I’m busy right now writing a blog for an audience that I hope will not even read it. I say “hope” because we all need an information break. The only way to stop being busy is to remove the noise and seek clarity. Yep, the irony of writing a blog at Christmas just keeps mounting up!

Perhaps in 2017 you will be consciously less busy and more focused. That might mean going on an information diet to remove noise.  If so, we hope you choose to stay with the Sonder Insider blog. If not, we understand.

And perhaps we’ll all stop using “I’m busy” as an auto-pilot response. Try being more honest and creative with describing our true state-of-being. And if you really are genuinely busy, at least find another verb, because “busy” doesn’t cut it anymore.