Sonder | Looking for Engagement in the Wrong Places
Owned media is the most effective tool marketers have for creating genuine engagement with customers.
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Looking for Engagement in the Wrong Places

Looking for Engagement in the Wrong Places

The ultimate determinant of engagement is the creative execution. Media of course plays a role, but in a world where people are actively rejecting paid media advertising, true engagement in paid media is becoming elusive.

The problem is not with the intent of creating engagement. The problem is where we expect it to manifest. Paid media will deliver on many marketing objectives and is an essential part of most brands marketing mix. However, if you’re looking for genuine engagement you need to look elsewhere. In today’s multi-screen, maxi-media, fast-paced, highly distracted world, marketers cannot expect people to truly engage with paid media.

As Abraham Maslow (of the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’) said, “if your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. So let’s not give up on the challenge of engagement, rather, seek more appropriate tools that will ensure better engagement solutions.

The jagged edge of engagement lies in the brand’s owned assets. Owned media is where hearts and minds are won and lost. The focus on owned requires an end-to-end appreciation of your customer’s experience and the way they interact through all owned assets – not just the digital experience. It requires a clear Brand Purpose and a borderline OCD approach to reflecting this purpose through the brand from the inside-out. It means thinking about your brand the way a media owner thinks about the content on its channel – with absolute care, passion and an unwavering focus on the people who engage with the brand.

So, don’t stop striving to engage, just use a more effective toolyour owned assets.