Sonder | Old skool entertainers get smart
How to one of entertainment’s oldest institutions managed to get decision-makers excited about their product on a daily basis.
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Old skool entertainers get smart

Old skool entertainers get smart

Earlier this month we saw how one of the world’s most progressive entertainment organisations, Netflix, were using owned media to attract people to its shows. This week we discovered one of entertainment’s oldest institutions doing exactly the same. The circus is in town and they want to make sure you know.

The Great Moscow Circus wanted to promote their 2 week circus roadshow but there simply weren’t many media options which fitted their criteria. Radio advertising wasn’t localised enough, the few poster sites in the area were booked out and sold by the month anyway and local newspapers can only get you so far. Constraints inspire creativity.

What they did is brilliant. They went round business and home owners at all busy traffic junctions within a 5KM radius and offered them cash in return for installing a giant 10M high inflatable clown in their front yard. So we see swimming pools, bowls clubs, office blocks and private home owners all embracing the idea and installing the clown and a sign announcing the circus dates and location.

This is Local Area Marketing at its best. The local businesses & homeowners become media owners for a fortnight, getting paid and getting attention themselves. The circus creates buzz and excitement around their arrival in town, whilst effectively communicating their message. Most importantly, the kids (family decision-makers) are excited about the circus on a daily basis as they pass giant inflatable clowns!

The circus folk achieved the owned media triple play of improving the customer experience through its communication (giant inflatable clowns are funnier than newspaper ads), generating revenue for the media owner and being effective (the circus sold out).

Clowns are smart after all.