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Established businesses still need help

Why Coles engaged Sonder to value their established media assets

Coles Supermarket has a vast and complex owned media ecosystem that already delivers significant revenue to the bottomline. Whilst the business has long leveraged their owned media for commercial gain, Coles recognised the need to have Sonder audit, evaluate and harmonise their owned media assets.


The size of Coles media ecosystem is daunting, with over 100,000 distinct media units being published and distributed each month. Our evaluation included all digital, social, instore, publishing, infrastructure and direct channels. The Media Asset Value of this ecosystem is worth over $500m per year.


Despite Coles being an advanced owned media organisation, Sonder was still able to identify nearly $90m in additional commercial potential. The outputs of our work include:


  • Identification of media rate disparities
  • Opportunities to create new, high value media assets
  • Commercialisation of digital assets and recommended formats
  • A fully harmonised ratecard for all channels
  • Strategic recommendations for future growth


Only through an independent, third party evaluation by Sonder, can retail businesses fully leverage and grow the commercial potential of their owned media.

Find out how Sonder can value your owned media assets here

Even the most established owned media operators benefit from an evaluation of their assets