Sonder | Getting the most out of brand partnerships
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Getting the most out of brand partnerships

How owned media improves Kellogg’s brand partnerships

Brand partnerships provide immediate access to new customers for both brand partners. These potential new customers are best reached through owned media assets because it is more effective, cost efficient and speaks volumes to the partnership. So, any brand partnership needs to be accompanied by a mutually agreed owned media solution by both parties.


For Kellogg’s, packaging is their most powerful owned media asset and it delivers over 40m audience impacts every month. In addition to audience size, their packaging provides a large canvas for a partner brand to share and communicate with a potential new customer.  


Sonder valued 17 of Kellogg’s main brands and identified the most attractive brands, packaging formats and solutions for their partner brands. Our commercial modelling and scenario planning allowed Kellogg’s to understand and unlock the value of their owned media in relation to brand partnerships. This enables them to extract the maximum value from their media assets.

Partnerships are about trust and mutual growth. Subjectivity jeopardises trust, however, the empirical nature of an independent, third party valuation by Sonder is impartial.


If you’re looking at brand partnerships, you might want to consider a valuation of the owned media assets you’re sharing

An independent, third party valuation provides an impartial benchmark for partners