Sonder | Inventing a profitable, new revenue stream for a major FMCG
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We created an innovative new advertising medium for Tip Top Bakeries

Tip Top Bakeries produce 17 million units of bakery products every month, which gives them more scale than the largest media owner in the country.  Sonder unlocked their packaging asset by developing a unique new media channel called Bread Connect.


Bread Connect is arguably the most analogue innovation in a digitally dominant media market.  It is a simple, but aesthetic, laminated cardboard tag that attaches to the plastic Kwik-Lok tag on the bread bag.


Bread has long been a host product to things like butter, spreads, soups, lunch box fillers, milk and horticultural products.  Now these products can advertise on bread packaging and target people based on what they choose to eat.  It’s not rocket science, but the best innovations never are.


Uniquely, Bread Connect is the only medium in the world that triggers a purchase in the supermarket aisle and connects with a consumer in the kitchen.


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Bread Connect is a highly profitable owned media asset for Tip Top with significant revenue potential