Sonder | Telstra leaves no stone unturned
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Telstra leaves no stone unturned

How Telstra is finding hidden value within their business

Telstra is the most celebrated business for leveraging their owned media. For years they have been pioneers in the way owned media can be unlocked and leveraged for commercial gain. Think of their NRL digital deals, their BigPond V8 Supercar partnership and of course their next generation phone booths.


But these high profile assets are the tip of the owned media iceberg. Telstra brought Sonder in to peel back the layers of hidden media assets and identify the value of their less prominent media. Our work uncovered more than $100m in annual media asset value hidden within their stores, digital and direct media channels.


It also highlighted a common problem for businesses with large media ecosystems – owned media leverage, whilst lucrative, is hard, time consuming and complex. Our evaluation extended into recommendations and solutions for better operationalising their owned media ecosystem.


Find out how Sonder can value and operationalise your owned media assets here

Knowing the value of owned media is critical, but knowing what to do with it is what really matters