Sonder | Valuing & monetising the assets of a major retail business
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Unlocking $30M incremental revenue

Following a valuation and audit of Myer’s owned media assets, Sonder was able to identify incremental commercialisation opportunities for their already large owned media asset base.

Sonder provided a clear benchmark of owned media asset strength and a compelling business case to develop further owned media assets.


We created the structure & processes for Myer Media. A team focused on leveraging Myer’s media assets with merchandise partners and external advertisers. We commissioned research to quantify the consumption & behaviour of key shoppers with Myer Media channels and turned this into powerful sales collateral.


Through the creation of new assets and development of existing assets we were able to unlock over $30M in incremental revenue.


To find out how Sonder can value your owned assets click here.

The first step to extracting greater value from existing assets is to value them