Sonder | Seeing red...why it is OK
Red face, blood boiling, raised voices and perhaps even a bit of collateral damage around the house. Customers seeing red is good for marketers.
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Seeing red…why it is OK

Seeing red…why it is OK

We’ve all been there.

Red face, blood boiling, raised voices, exasperated sighs, frightened children hiding behind the sofa and perhaps even a bit of collateral damage around the house.

What situation would create such angst?

Frustrating company experiences. That’s what.

It could be the 15th time you have been put on hold to repeat the same painful story to yet another person in a different time zone, or spending hours online finding the perfect price for little Jonny’s birthday present only to be told after placing the order they are out of stock, or walking into the ‘revolutionary shopping experience’ to be greeted by disinterested sales staff.

Frustrating company experiences are way too common and you have to believe people deserve more from brands.

All too often businesses treat us, their customers and paymasters, as an acquisition number in boardroom analytics or robots who failed to follow the ‘right process’. Rather than a fellow community member who wants to be part of our future and potential advocate for our business.

So marketers, spend time with your customers, understanding what is great and what is not-so-great. Ask them what personal needs they have in your category and shape your entire experience around their emotional journeys and expectations.

Hopefully this means less red faces & scared children and more smiles & recommendations.