Sonder | Seeking sonder
Read what Seth Godin wrote about sonder
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Seeking sonder

Seeking sonder

Seth Godin is by a country mile, the most visionary, articulate and inspirational marketer on this planet. Author of 18 books including the seminal Purple Cow, he writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

If you don’t subscribe to his blog and read his books, I would contest you are not a progressive marketer. If you do, I salute you and I hope you enjoy his writing as much as we do.

So, when your hero writes about the word you chose to name your company, you have to pay homage to the great man and share with the folk who follow you. So here is a recent Seth Godin post on sonder:

“Sonder is defined as that moment when you realize that everyone around you has an internal life as rich and as conflicted as yours.

That everyone has a noise in their head.

That everyone thinks that they are right, and that they have suffered affronts and disrespect at the hands of others.

That everyone is afraid. And that everyone realizes that they are also lucky.

That everyone has an impulse to make things better, to connect and to contribute.

That everyone wants something that they can’t possibly have. And if they could have it, they’d discover that they didn’t really want it all along.

That everyone is lonely, insecure and a bit of a fraud. And that everyone cares about something.

Sonder might happen to you. When it does, it will help you see the world in a whole new way. Because, if you let it, the feeling can persist. A feeling that can allow you to see others the way you’d like to be seen”.

All text and image copyright Seth Godin, please immediately sign up to his blog and embrace sonder.