Sonder | The Cosmetics Industry’s Secret Weapon
What’s the secret weapon behind the veneer of cosmetics marketing? The greatest owned asset ever created that's what!
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The Cosmetics Industry’s Secret Weapon

The Cosmetics Industry’s Secret Weapon

There’s a certain irony to cosmetics marketing. All the focus appears to be on the external, (highly) visible, outward facing subterfuge. Be it the models, the evocative imagery, the glossy magazines, the fashion or, of course, the celebrities.  And all of these paid communications are executed with precision and flair. It’s all, well, very cosmetic.

But what’s the secret weapon behind the veneer?

One asset matters more than the billions spent on the paid and earned marketing of cosmetics.

That asset is the woman (because it predominantly still is a woman) staffing the cosmetics counter. These people have a real power to connect and transport a shopper into a different world and, in the process, transform their appearance. These people are an owned asset like no other in cosmetics.

The latest innovation, the latest trend, the latest Kendall Jenner look and the latest phone-melting-social-media-implosion… all mean nothing, but for the person who is able to convert all that noise and hype into a sale.

Stand amongst the myriad of cosmetic counters at Myer and take a look around. The concession stands are (wo)manned by some of the greatest sales people to walk the earth. Each individual is worth multiple millions in revenue to the cosmetics brands.

The marketing industry talks about neuro-marketing and behavioural economics as though they’re the latest greatest concepts. I have it on good advice that cosmetics sales people invented the concepts decades ago and have been using these dark-arts to sell billions. And, having seen them in action, I don’t doubt it.

You want to know what great retailing actually feels like in action? Go and speak to the person at Estée Lauder/Mac/Lancôme about their products. Yes, I realise that 49% of our subscribers might feel mildly uncomfortable doing this, but seriously blokes, treat yourselves.

It’s easy to become distracted by the surface level exterior of the latest marketing trend, be it Content Marketing, Virtual Reality, Influencer Marketing etc. but it’s crucial to consider where the real power of your brand is held and the owned assets that determine success.  Remember, 100% of all your growth will come through an owned asset.