Sonder | Unwrapping your personal assets
What are personal assets and how do you unlock them?
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Unwrapping your personal assets

Unwrapping your personal assets

Here at Sonder we’re all about growth from the inside out. In the business sense that means unlocking the assets you’ve got, to deliver better enterprise value. But there is a much bigger metaphysical side to growth from the inside out at a personal level. And Christmas, for many of us, is the perfect time to reflect on personal growth from the inside out. So here goes…

In business, we seek to leverage assets such as websites, stores, databases etc. But the assets you personally own are the skills, experiences, capabilities and knowledge you’ve built-up. As professionals, we get opportunities to build incredible personal assets, but it takes more than professionalism to unlock them. Translating personal assets into personal growth requires something else entirely – wisdom. It is only through cultivating wisdom that your assets can be translated into growth.

A classic example of the difference between professional behaviour and wisdom is meetings.  You see, the professional will make every effort to attend every meeting requested of them. The wise person will be far more discerning about which meetings they attend and the way their meetings are conducted.

Every year, Christmas reminds us of the significance of wisdom… the story of the three wise men. But, perhaps, rather than looking back at a story from thousands of years ago, we use this time to consider three wise ways you’re going to unlock your assets for personal growth in 2018.