Sonder | What is absolutely certain in 2018
Here at Sonder we thought we’d be bold and throw ifs, maybes and mights to the wind and state a few absolute certainties for the coming year.
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What is absolutely certain in 2018

What is absolutely certain in 2018

Around this time of year the global marketing press is caught up in predictions for the year ahead, what might, what could, what should happen next. So here at Sonder we thought we’d be bold, throw ifs, maybes and mights to the wind and state a few absolute certainties* for the coming year:

  1. Marketers will be held accountable for contributing to business growth
  2. More people will realise smart direct marketing is more effective than advertising to the masses
  3. The Digital Marketing role will cease to exist (it’s all marketing)
  4. Those marketers who are empathetic to the complexities of their customers’ lives will thrive
  5. Organisations will seize greater control of their marketing (programmatic media buying and leveraging their own channels)
  6. Progressive businesses will finally start to turn data collection into actionable insight for commercial gain
  7. Owned media channel monetisation will become a regular feature at the top of profit statements
  8. A single-minded purpose replaces all marketing guff that went before it
  9. Brand guardians will start to climb down from their ivory towers into the real world of audience commercialisation (if Apple can do it….)
  10. Experiences will replace entertainment as the most powerful form of persuasion

*in our humble opinion

We have written extensively about these topics and themes throughout the past year because we passionately believe them to be true and critical to the sustained success of the marketing community within which we operate. For the sake of the industry, we hope we are right.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest, have a great year.