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What We Do

Our proven 3-step process

Making owned media leverage faster, simpler and more profitable

Independent Valuation

Remove subjectivity from your media value and point to Sonder as the global experts in owned media valuation.

Proven Methodology

Our proprietary methodology factors in up to 15 variables such as your brand position, audience profile, your category and targeting capabilities. We then overlay your data around media asset performance and customer personalisation capabilities.

Global benchmarks

Using proprietary global benchmarks we can accurately value every owned media channel within a business across 29 different countries.

What you can expect

Your Media Asset Value (MAV) is based on the number of media formats, the audience size for each and their frequency of use.  To give you an idea of category norms, here are the industry averages based on our experience.

Retail $233M0%
Telco $120M0%
Finance $117M0%
Travel $30M0%

Example report outputs

Media asset value and strategic observations
Incremental revenue opportunity by asset category
Deep dive into specific asset values
Media ratecard for all channels

Unlock the performance of your assets

Managing owned media is complex, labour intensive and fraught with contractual risk.

Operational efficiency

Sonder MMS is a cloud based web app that replaces Excel spreadsheets to create efficiencies in the owned media process

Unified platform

Sonder MMS automates the process and aggregates
media channels into one unified place

Custom rate calculation and automated media plans

Live media inventory management

Analytics and reporting

Delivering efficiencies in 3 ways


95% time saving on plans


80% of solutions automated


20% increase in revenue


We help you develop sustainable commercial strategies that deliver a triple win: for your customers, your suppliers and your profitability. We tailor our commercial solutions to meet your specific challenges.

Ready to get more out of your owned media?

If you’d like to discuss the best approach for your business, we’d love to talk